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Sebo Automatic X4 (black)


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The SEBO Automatic X4 ONYX upright vacuum cleaner in classic black has all the features you need to clean your floors.

The power head cleans a full twelve inches, and this upright vacuum comes with three on-board tools for optimal convenience: a dusting brush with horsehair bristles, an upholstery nozzle, and a crevice nozzle to get into those harder-to-reach areas.

These upright vacuums come with a low 5-½ inch profile which enables you to slide the vacuum under furniture and chairs. The automatic height adjustment feature takes the guesswork out of determining your pile height, and it detects every flooring type from hard floors to carpets. The indicator lights turn on whenever the brush roll is adjusted.

SEBO Automatic X4 vacuums also come with brush obstruction lights that automatically shut off the vacuum until the obstruction is removed, protecting the life of your vacuum and motor. There’s even a worn brush light that reminds you when it’s time to swap out the brush roll for a newer one.

Other features include the stationary use light, along with the bag full or clog light that also has automatic shutoff to protect the life of your vacuum cleaner and motor. The combination carrying handle also has a rotating cord hook for easy storage. 

All SEBO X4 vacuums come with large filter bags so you can cut the hassle of constantly emptying your vacuum bags. They have long 40-foot cords so you can clean more of your floors than ever before.

These vacuums are known for being easy to maintain, with hospital-grade filtration for asthma and allergy relief - so breathe easy! Your messes will be a thing of the past and you won’t even exacerbate your allergies. All of these features make it a fantastic pet vacuum with extremely effective pet hair removal capabilities. 

Accessories Included:
(1) Crevice Nozzle
(1) Dusting Brush with Horsehair Bristles
(1) Upholstery Nozzle (1) Hand Turbo Brush
(1) 9' 2" Extension Hose
(1) SEBO Tool Adapter
(1) 24" Flexible Crevice Tool