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Frequently Asked Questions About Vacuum Repair

Do you have parking?    Yes. A-1 Vacuum has a parking lot on the corner of Bardstown Rd. and Sherwood Ave. This parking lot is free for A-1 Vacuum Customers, you will see signs to pay for parking, but you can ignore them. There is also free parking behind the building with the same set up.
Do I need an Appointment?   No appointment needed. You can bring in your repair anytime. 

Is it even worth fixing?
   Its free to find out on most repairs. We will ask for a $30 deposit when there is no power, this deposit will be applied to the cost if the vacuum is repaired.

How long will the repair take?
   Most repairs take 3-5 business days, we know you need your vacuum and we try our best to get it back quickly.  Delays with the repair may come with ordering parts.

What’s it cost?  We’ll need to see the vacuum to know for sure but
Repairs start at $29.99 and Services start at $49.99.

When will I pay a deposit?
  •  Machine has no power

  •  On all Robot vacuums

  •  On all Battery Powered vacuums and equipment

  •  On all shampooers and carpet cleaners


Yes we repair all makes and models, this is a typical daily drop off.  We have an Oreck XL21, a Kirby Generation, Eureka Pet Smart Vac, a couple of commercial upright sweepers, some canister style vacuums and a few cordless stick vacs hanging up above.


Vacuum Service

The most used and abused appliance in the house. Whether you have a house full of kids or fury family members that leave pet hair everywhere your vacuum gets a workout. Hair is the hardest thing on vacuums to clean and hold up to.

One main step in our vacuum services is hair removal from places it can cause damage, this is important to keep the vacuum running smoothly and efficiently cleaning.

We’ll also check the belt, brushroll and filters. If you suffer from allergies this part is important. Clean filters often and replace HEPA as recommended. Vacuuming can be really good or really bad for your indoor air quality. If when you vacuum you see small particles floating through the sunlight, your vacuum is pulling dirt from the floor and releasing them in to your indoor air.

Those are just the basics to servicing a vacuum, our expert technicians will also break down cyclone assemblies, Powerheads, turbo brushes and dirt cups to remove dirt and hair build up to get the vacuum running and cleaning like new again.